The Caves at Ruakuri & Geysers of Rotorua

The caves on the North Island are quite famous; great limestone excavations made over time by the one of the most passive and vigorous agents on the planet – water. The caves are in an area of rolling mountains, well eroded from their original height. The limestone is from ages ago when these hillsides wereContinue reading “The Caves at Ruakuri & Geysers of Rotorua”

A TSA interaction on my return trip

The following is an unillustrated account of the Computer Saga.  The flight from Auckland to Los Angeles was a bit bumpy and the rear of the plane seemed bumpiest. Though there was ample leg-room and plenty of fresh air on this flight I did not sleep much or very well. I arrived at LAX tiredContinue reading “A TSA interaction on my return trip”

Alice Springs, Australia’s Outback Town

The Great Red Center of Australia has one town. Alice Springs is 1000 miles in any direction from the next town. There are long long dirt roads to Darwin, Perth, and Adelaide and a blacktop (bitumen here) road that goes about 200 miles to Uluru (Ayers Rock). The rainiest month on record was last monthContinue reading “Alice Springs, Australia’s Outback Town”

Pines to Palms – oops, forgot to post earlier

The 5000+ foot air in the San Jacinto Mountains was rough on our virus-addled lungs. We walked up in Humber Park and then went on to Black Mountain where we hung out at a fire tower with juncos and hummingbirds – and the forest ranger. Once you are in the mountains amidst the towering pinesContinue reading “Pines to Palms – oops, forgot to post earlier”