Uganda/4 … baboons

I know its a bit of a tease to start a post on baboons with an image of a leopard, but in much of East Africa these two species are paired as a result of their immense dislike for each other. Baboons would love to disrupt a leopards routine and do physical damage to the…

Look what FLYed in….

An avian bulletin from the west!! Avid birdwatchers here in eastern Massachusetts have been pleasantly surprised by the arrival of two flycatchers that were/are totally unexpected. We have had a very warm spell recently with lots of westerly and southwesterly winds. These sorts of weather conditions just might sweep migrants, especially, wrong-way avian migrants from…

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2 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Dave,
    We have been looking for bird information and all along it was right there. I think many D&E alumni would be interested. Maybe Wendy could post it in the Forward.
    George Lauderbaugh


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