Elephants; big & enthralling

Please consider the images (excepting the one that I note in the caption) as being copyrighted and ask permission before using in any way. Thank you. DEC The largest land mammal wears a baggy gray suit and has more wrinkles than a botox doctor’s waiting room. They are not colorful. They eat all the time.Continue reading “Elephants; big & enthralling”

Africa; Elephants – teeth and tusks

Please consider all images as copyrighted and contact me for permission to use or reproduce. Thank you, DEC. For most of us elephants have only two teeth – the tusks. But they also have a most interesting progression of grinding teeth. Elephants eat branches, twigs, leaves, and clumps of grass. At a minimum the dietContinue reading “Africa; Elephants – teeth and tusks”

Africa; Elephants – family life

Please consider all images as copyrighted; please contact me for permission to use these pictures. I will be doing at least five pages on elephants (family, teeth and tusks, human interactions, water, and simply their majesty) over the next few days. This will likely open the door to many questions about other African animals andContinue reading “Africa; Elephants – family life”