Walt Disney Dives Deep

Please consider all images to be copyrighted and ask permission to use. Thank you, DEClapp It was many decades ago that Walt Disney decided to photograph and display nature to the public and he started with the goose-sized, fish-eating diving bird called Northern Gannet. We all know Canada Geese; large, chunky, dark, and pretty bigContinue reading “Walt Disney Dives Deep”

Terns are Elegant

Please consider the images to be copyrighted and ask permission before using. Thank you; DEClapp People along the coast see terns quite often – if they look. Yet many people never see what is surrounding them. At the beach there may be fish, whales, seals, gulls, terns, sandpipers and mollusks as well as sand, water,Continue reading “Terns are Elegant”

Sandpipers and Plovers

Please consider all the images as copyrighted and ask permission to use them for any reason. Thanks, DEClapp. There are a grand assortment of birds that use the edges of wet areas. They nest and feed in swamps, bogs, and wet meadows. They travel along the ocean edge while undertaking some of the longest migrationContinue reading “Sandpipers and Plovers”

The Hunters -fast and fearless

The phrase: “birds of prey” usually brings up images of hawks and falcons and maybe eagles as well. But in reality if you are an earthworm the American Robin bob-bob-bobbin’ in the yard is a real predator. I guess that “birds of prey” might include thrushes, flycatchers, loons, all diving ducks, sandpipers, and most otherContinue reading “The Hunters -fast and fearless”

Yard Birds -a different perspective

Again, please treat all images as copyrighted and do not copy or use without permission. Please share this blog site. Thanks, DEC. These last few days are the middle, the peak, of the northward migration of neotropical wintering birds as well as those that have wintered in southeastern USA. Mid-May in New England can beContinue reading “Yard Birds -a different perspective”