Waxwings and couple locals

Migration is still mostly a mystery. We know that things move around the planet; sharks, whales, striped bass, lots of birds, caribou, butterflies and dragonflies, and wildebeest. We know why they do it; to find a seasonal food source, to reach a likely breeding area, or to avoid bad stuff like seasonal fires or coldContinue reading “Waxwings and couple locals”

The Falklands; Gentoo Penguins

Please consider these images to be copyrighted and ask permission to use them in any way. Thanks. Penguins are represented by 17 species and there are nearly 40 species that are represented by fossils. The evolved from a small tough flying birds that could fly underwater as well. Probably a bit like modern auks likeContinue reading “The Falklands; Gentoo Penguins”

Provincetown Visit – owl and oldsquaw

Please consider images to be copyrighted and ask permission (ontheroadwithdec@gmail.com) before using them in any way. Thanks Oops I said Oldsquaw! Sorry, the appropriate name is Long-tailed Duck (LTDU). They were named Oldsquaw by early observers who heard groups of the birds as they sat, swam, fed, or loafed in large flocks and thought theyContinue reading “Provincetown Visit – owl and oldsquaw”

Crossbills – whatever they are

The group of birds called crossbills are a most interesting group of finches. The top and bottom halves of the beak do, in fact, cross. I did an earlier page on crossbills but the taxonomy is so interesting I thought I’d add to the confusion. There are many populations oof crossbills some called subspecies andContinue reading “Crossbills – whatever they are”

Oregon’s Crossbills

Please consider these images to be copyrighted and contact me for permission to use them. Many birders head for Oregon, especially around the town of Sisters, to tick off an array of woodpeckers. I had this opportunity when a friend had already booked a room and rented a car. The woodpecker list is impressive; White-headed,Continue reading “Oregon’s Crossbills”

Africa, Tanzania, Serengeti; The Secretary Bird

Please consider all photographs as copyrighted and contact me for permission to use them. Thank you, DEC. Walking with measured pace over the short grass plains of the Serengeti (and Maasai Mara) the Secretary Bird simply exudes elegance and style. It is large, softly gray, with long legs, long tail, and an array of disheveled feather erupting from its ferociously beakedContinue reading “Africa, Tanzania, Serengeti; The Secretary Bird”

Alaska; Homer the Town

Alaska has few towns and almost no towns that are like we are used to in the lower forty-eight. Anchorage is a city. Fairbanks is a small city, Juneau is a small island tourist town. Then there are the string of towns between Anchorage and Fairbanks; Palmer, Wasilla, Talkeetna, and Healy. There are a few moreContinue reading “Alaska; Homer the Town”