Walt Disney Dives Deep

Please consider all images to be copyrighted and ask permission to use. Thank you, DEClapp It was many decades ago that Walt Disney decided to photograph and display nature to the public and he started with the goose-sized, fish-eating diving bird called Northern Gannet. We all know Canada Geese; large, chunky, dark, and pretty bigContinue reading “Walt Disney Dives Deep”

A Dolphin’s tale

Please consider the images to be copyrighted and ask permission before copying or using. Thank you. DEClapp Here in New England the coast varies from a southerly sandy beach to a rocky northern beach. The state of Rhode Island is quite rocky along its coast and north of Boston it is pretty much all exposedContinue reading “A Dolphin’s tale”

More From the Car Window

We are fortunate to be out of the city and in an area where open space is available. Of course on a nice day these spaces attract lots of people and thus are no longer attractive — this is all a very sad state of affairs isn’t it? What a surprise to find that ourContinue reading “More From the Car Window”

Provincetown Visit – owl and oldsquaw

Please consider images to be copyrighted and ask permission (ontheroadwithdec@gmail.com) before using them in any way. Thanks Oops I said Oldsquaw! Sorry, the appropriate name is Long-tailed Duck (LTDU). They were named Oldsquaw by early observers who heard groups of the birds as they sat, swam, fed, or loafed in large flocks and thought theyContinue reading “Provincetown Visit – owl and oldsquaw”