Sleek and graceful – Impala

Please consider all images to be copyrighted and ask permission to use or copy. Thank you, DEClapp The antelope are a common part of the African scene because of the grasses and shrubbery of the African plains. The vegetation drives (allows) all sorts of things to survive by providing nourishment and moisture. Unlike the GiantContinue reading “Sleek and graceful – Impala”

Africa, Tanzania, Serengeti; The Secretary Bird

Please consider all photographs as copyrighted and contact me for permission to use them. Thank you, DEC. Walking with measured pace over the short grass plains of the Serengeti (and Maasai Mara) the Secretary Bird simply exudes elegance and style. It is large, softly gray, with long legs, long tail, and an array of disheveled feather erupting from its ferociously beakedContinue reading “Africa, Tanzania, Serengeti; The Secretary Bird”