A Day Out

Please consider the photos to be copyrighted and ask permission to use them in any way. Thanks, David Clapp The other day we headed back to a favored haunt; the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshfield, Massachusetts. This 500+ acre site is well known to local naturalists for many reasons, primarily birds; but its topographyContinue reading “A Day Out”

Kea – A New Zealand Bad Boy

Please consider the images to be copyrighted and ask permission for any use – but please share this blog page. Thank you. DEClapp Over the years Jack Clyne and Rosie Stewart have shown me a great deal of their island country. It has been my pleasure to work with them and learn from them. IContinue reading “Kea – A New Zealand Bad Boy”

Migration – more birds

Please consider all the images to be copyrighted and ask permission before using them in any way. Thank you. DEClapp Migration occurs pretty much everywhere in the world. Wildebeest and zebra move to find fresh grass as they follow the East African rains. As the glaciers receded from the northern hemisphere a few thousand yearsContinue reading “Migration – more birds”

Elephants; big & enthralling

Please consider the images (excepting the one that I note in the caption) as being copyrighted and ask permission before using in any way. Thank you. DEC The largest land mammal wears a baggy gray suit and has more wrinkles than a botox doctor’s waiting room. They are not colorful. They eat all the time.Continue reading “Elephants; big & enthralling”

Another mixed bag

Summer is a dull time for most nature stuff around here. The birds are either further north or just starting to head south. They are through singing and are now and have been restoring themselves after the rigors of the breeding season. The plants are a bit stressed due to the high heat levels andContinue reading “Another mixed bag”

Africa – over time

Please consider images to be copyrighted and ask permission to use or reproduce. I wish I could remember the source for the Africa habitat maps – they are valuable teaching tools. Thank you whoever you are. DEClapp This is important – you can’t understand Africa without this!! It probably applies everywhere throughout the world butContinue reading “Africa – over time”