Cuiabá, Brazil

Fran and I are in the Brazilian Pantanal, the world’s largest wetland. We just arrived and have little to share but thought we should try to blog as much as we can. So, with some apologies here are a few thoughts from the first day – not really out in the bush yet so it will get better. A few notes about remote Brazil; we had to take a taxi to a large mall to reach an ATM and then we were eleventh in line. This is in a city of over a million people. Taxis are not expensive however. McDonalds’ outnumber KFC outlets. The women all have long black hair and wear black clothes. It is quite warm here; now and all year. We are quite warm and sticky pretty much all the time. This is the dry season and some of the trees have dropped their leaves.

The agouti is a small mammal that eats fallen seeds and nuts. It is a widespread little guy throughout the American tropics. It is easily seen from Trinidad through Brazil.
This is an arboreal termite home. This species builds in trees to avoid the seasonal flooding that occurs. The hole in the bottom was being looked at by a pair of Blue-crowned Trogons as a potential nest site. The trogons are shown a couple images below in a blurry and pixelated photo.
The Rufous Hornero is a common bird throughout the tropics. It builds a domed mud nest on fence posts and electric poles. A risky strategy perhaps but the are doing OK. The nest has a maze-like entrance to dissuade predators. I’ll post a couple nest photos in a day or two.
Monkey with “curlable” tails are a feature of the Americas. This is a Black-tailed Marmoset.
As mentioned the image of the trogons is pretty bad.
However the next few day will be rich in wetland birds and mammals.
Stay tuned.

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