A Few Louisiana Reptiles

Please consider all images as copyrighted – thank you. Contact me for use… DEClapp
The flat soft shelled spiny turtle was widespread and common. There are many forms of this turtle from many drainages.  The flat shell and pointy nose are characteristic.
Water Snakes are another widespread form.  There are several populations throughout the ease all the way up into New England.  They are not poisonous but also not pleasant.  This image was taken by Fran from the car window.
The Anhinga most assuredly is a bird, but it is often called the snake bird and this image captures the reason for that nickname. They are somewhat cormorant like in many of their behaviors.
The Ribbon Snake is widespread and very similar to the equally widespread Garter Snake.  The long lateral stripes on the Ribbon Snake are very crisp and those on the Garter Snake are a bit smudgy.
Alligators are in pretty much freshwater wetlands these days.

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