Centenary Lakes – Cairns, Queensland, Australia

When arriving in Cairns I usually get some time to go birding and often choose the nearby Botanic Garden and Centenary Lakes. There is a mix of brackish water and fresh water with lots of birds, tropical vegetation, and occasionally salt water crocodiles.

Here are a few images from February 2017.

Please consider all images as copyrighted – thank you. Contact me for use… DEClapp
 The lakes are easily reached by taxi or on foot and are a pleasure any time of year. The flowering water lilies are an added bonus to a mid-summer visit. The adjacent botanic gardens has a very nice cafe and has trails as does the lakes area. In addition there is a connect ting boardwalk that takes you through a paper bark woodland as well as a pandas palm wetland. It is worth a visit.
The ducks and duckling shown here are Rajah Ducks. The seven youngsters are growing in a very public place and will likely be rather tame/accommodating as they get older.




The orange-footed scrub fowl is always on the move. They are very busy scraping the leaf litter and scattering leaves; so much so that getting a photo is difficult even though they allow rather close proximity.
The willy wagtail is sort of the chickadee of Australia.  They are pleasant, tame, active and seemingly friendly.
The magpie lark is another of the common residents throughout much of Australia. They are often on the ground strutting about. 



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