Some California Dry Land Images

I am carrying my new and heavy lens. It is a test of strength and will, but it has been worth it. This blog page will consist of some images that represent places and birds that you might enjoy and we did enjoy.

There are many cacti in this area – not as many as you might expect but there are lots. These are a couple of the barrel-cactus types. Some have hooked spines others are straight. The fruits are often tasty and fed animals and people.

This Calliope Hummingbird entertained us for a while. It is a small hummer with a rich gorget (cowl, mustache) and it was very busy. 
The Antelope Ground Squirrel is just one of many small mammals that dig. If you can’t get underground in the middle of the day then you are likely to be toasted. So most mammals dig and most reptiles use the holes and rock piles for shelter and safety.

Thrashers are great birds – too bad they are so secretive and hard to see. But this California Thrasher was very tame and we had good looks and got off a few shots as well.
Owls are great and Burrowing Owls are even more special. This cute guy looked me over from behind a ridge of dirt. I wonder if the eyes see things differently – they are certainly not the same size and shape. Perhaps they work together to help gauge distance or enhance a three-dimensional view. Whatever the reason for the eyes, it is a cute little guy.

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