Africa, Tanzania, Lions; lion sex, #3

Please consider all images as copyrighted and contact me for permission to use them, Thank you, DEC. Female lions have a gestation period of about three and a half months. They can hunt right up until they deliver their kittens. The young are like house cats, small and sightless at birth. They are in aContinue reading “Africa, Tanzania, Lions; lion sex, #3”

Africa, Tanzania, Serengeti; Lions #2

PLEASE CONSIDER ALL IMAGES AS COPYRIGHTED. CONTACT ME FOR PERMISSION TO USE THESE IMAGES. THANK YOU. DEC This is a short bit about males, it will be similar to the post from July 13. The previous post is about females and the pride this one will emphasize males but the overlapping roles and territories ofContinue reading “Africa, Tanzania, Serengeti; Lions #2”