Stripers and Salps

Please consider all images as copyrighted and ask permission to use for any reason. Thanks, DEClapp As the last few posts have shown we have been walking the great outer beach around Race Point a lot. Actually a whole lot! Just ask my hips and knees. Four or five miles in soft sand that slopesContinue reading “Stripers and Salps”

Yard Birds -a different perspective

Again, please treat all images as copyrighted and do not copy or use without permission. Please share this blog site. Thanks, DEC. These last few days are the middle, the peak, of the northward migration of neotropical wintering birds as well as those that have wintered in southeastern USA. Mid-May in New England can beContinue reading “Yard Birds -a different perspective”

Staying Home -continued

It seems that I have been moping around – lots of time and almost no blog pages. Please respect the pictures and do not use them without permission. Please let others know that there are a few nature images available at to help pass the time. Thanks. So here we go!! This is aContinue reading “Staying Home -continued”

Australia; the Outback

I have never known how to write about the Australian Aboriginal peoples. They are a wonder and a mystery. They are still remote within themselves and distant from the European culture that has spread through this island continent. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, two things need to be understood or at least recognized; first, theseContinue reading “Australia; the Outback”