A Tiny Visitor

Please regard all images as copyrighted and ask for permission to use any of them. thanks, DEC

Throughout the summer we have had Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (RTHU)at the sugar-water feeders. They are brazen, confident, belligerent, and mechanically amazing. They chase each other with great vigor as they defend the food supply. They fly in and stop, in mid-air, to look around and then zip (nothing is languid about their movements) to the feeder or to harass another RTHU or simply to go somewhere else.

I have not been doing blog pages for a while and wanted to get back in the saddle – so here are a few hummingbird images from 15 September of this year.

They arrive in a blur.
They stop and assess the situation and then either leave or drink.
In the later afternoon they seem to be come more often and stay longer.
They perch rather casually after their intense arrival.
They look around and drink, using the brushy flaps that line the tongue to collect the calorie rich liquid.
Tiny feet reach out and hold the feeder’s perch.
They regularly sit on the leafless branches of the trees, often sting for several minutes.
They are also able to drink on the fly and often do.

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