A Wee Bit On NZ Sheep

Morelea Farm is in Fairlie, near Geraldine; on the plains west of Christchurch, New Zealand. Stan and Angie have welcomed visitors over the past many years as they farmed beef stock and sheep. As they head for the lake and a bit of R&R their son Mitch is taking over the farm; but not the group education aspect that his parents embraced. Mitch and his wife have three young boys and enough is enough – sheep, kids, and the development of a juicier lamb through genetics keep him pretty busy for now.  
Mitch chats with us while Beau keeps the sheep just were they should be. Beau is getting on on years but still lives to chase sheep around the paddock.
A breeding ewe might live 6-7-8 years and donate a few pounds of wool each year. But the farmer needs money and that comes from selling her two lambs each year. One-lamb-females go down the road as well. Wool isn’t very valuable these days so heftier lambs are important. They are working to create a juicer lamb, one that will taste sweeter and more tender than lamb already does. Mitch has started a group headed in that direction with a product called Tamana Lamb.

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