Up to the Kuranda Rain Forest

The small town of Kuranda is a bit of a tourist trap, but it is well up in the forest and has walking trails into the forest and that makes it worthwhile. Also it houses, in addition to a hundred trinket and post card shops, a gallery with the exquisite photos of Ric J Steininger and the stunning art work of David H Stacey. Google these two for a look at some quality Australian art. Ric has one image of the southern cross through a six hour plus exposure. Wow. Fran and I have a Stacey print of the living room wall that depicts a Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher pair, the termite mound nest site and associated habitat depictions – just great!

But that isn’t what I wanted to mention — I walked the jungle trail (Jumrum) and happened on a lizard, some very well protected plants, and of course, a bird or two.

Insects, birds, and others like to eat fresh vegetation. Vegetation doesn’t think that is such a good idea; hence poisons snd spines. the two pictures here show one way to protect your valuable resources. Few birds can manipulate a barrier like that and probably no mammals at all.


Epiphytes grow on something else; like this fern on a tree trunk. There are orchids, ferns, mosses, fungi, figs, and much more that live all or most of their lives as residents on somebody else trunk or branch. 
The little Carlia pectoralis actually has a common name; Open-litter Rainbow-Skink. It was on the same trail I was on and we had a few moments together. He didn’t seem as hot or as humid (sticky and grumpy actually) as I was feeling.
Back in the parking lot, waiting for everyone to gather, I watched a Willie Wagtail chase around and finally subdue a rather large insect. 


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