Copenhagen, Denmark

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What great piece of mall-art. The flow of schooling fish is much like the flight of starlings going to roost; tight, crowded, symmetrical, artistic, and simply amazing. This display was a very pleasant surprise.
Scandinavia overall, and much of Europe, has bike lanes that are full of two-wheeled commuters during rush hours. These are not leisurely bike paths these are the main route for many many people, both sexes and all ages, to get to work. Some urban locations have no parking lots for cars but only space for bicycles.
As you might expect there isn’t much wildlife in the rather densely populated (with humans) area in and around Copenhagen. The Coot was a regular on the water throughout the region however.
Much as we have crows and jays in suburban and urban habitats so this part of the world has its own Corvids; this is the modestly sized Jackdaw. The plush gray (or grey in Europe) head and the bright eye make this either an attractive or a bit evil looking bird; depending on you mood.
This is a gull Рthe Common Gull. It is closely related to our Herring and Ring-billed Gulls; but then again all gulls seem to be related. Gulls are an evolutionary process that we are glimpsing from somewhere in the middle. They are a group that overlaps among types/population/species in manners that make many menbers impossible to definitely  attach to a species.
And no visit to Copenhagen would be complete without a gull in appropriate habitat – no I really mean without a visit to the tiny, iconic statue along the shore. The Little Mermaid probably gets rained on as much as any European statue, but she remains delicate and attractive in in the wetness.

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