Louisiana Birds

Please consider all images as copyrighted – thank you. Contact me for use… DEClapp

While at the Yellow Rails and Rice Festival we saw lots of birds, many familiar and some, less familiar, and in numbers we simply never see up here in Massachusetts.

I am posting this, second blog page, from my iPad hoping that it works easily. Here are a few bird images from Louisiana.

The Avocet has a recurred bill that is swept back and forth through the water snaring little critters. They are alway elegant; even when standing in a sewage lagoon.
The Black-necked Stilt is another of the elegant shorebirds. The pink legs and stately walk make it a treat whenever seen.


Black Skimmers are another southern treat that are always fun to see. The extra long lower mandible cuts the surface of the water feeling for small aquatic creatures. The mandibles snap shut when contact is made.


The Crested Caracara is a rather uncommon bird of prey. They are often seen walking through fields looking for smallish prey items or things killed or damaged by agricultural equipment.
Perhaps the most common of the wetland birds was the Common Moorhen or Common Gallinule. They are duck-like in habits and more closely related to other gallinules and the (American) coot.

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